Embark Dog DNA Test Review 2020

A lot of us wonder what our dogs are. We heard shepard, terrior, malinois. None of which were accurate for our rescue. In the end we got an Embark dog dna test to get more accurate results.

Embark Dog DNA Test Kit picture

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Embark Dog DNA Test

These test’s are not cheap and there are all sorts of options and add-ons. Here are some of the points to look at with Embark and to consider if you go another route.

  • Breed Identification Only – This only looks at the breeds. Embark has over 350 in their database so is one of the most accurate out there.
  • Breed & Health – This kit looks at the breed but also Embark tests for 190+ genetic diseases including MDR1 drug sensitivity, glaucoma, degenerative myelopathy, and dilated cardiomyopathy, some of the most common adult-onset diseases in dogs.

Results You Can Trust

Embark’s test was developed by veterinarians in partnership with Cornell University. Their dog DNA test can sniff out breeds that make up as little as 5% of your dog’s overall DNA breed mix. They also deliver the most accurate results and is the highest-rated dog DNA test.*
*On leading consumer sites like Amazon.com

  1. Activate – Register your kit with your profile
    using the code included with it.
  2. Swab – Swab the inside of your dog’s
    cheek for thirty seconds.
  3. Mail – Mail your dog’s swab back to us
    with a free return label.

Features & Benefits Of Embark Dog DNA Test

  • Most scientifically advanced at-home dog DNA test available, testing for 350+ breeds, types and varieties
  • Simple cheek-swab test
  • Results in three to five weeks in most cases
  • Tests for 190+ known canine genetic health problems
  • Looks at 200,000 genetic markers — twice as many as competitors
  • Developed by veterinarians and partners with Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in ongoing research into genetic testing for dogs (you have the option to include your dog’s DNA data in their research)
  • Contributes funding and genetic testing kits to animal shelters in the U.S. and Nepal

Our Experience With Embark Dog DNA Test Kit

  • The test process was fairly simple with just a cheek swab.
  • The waiting period for results were reasonable also at around 4 weeks (their site states 3-5 weeks).
  • The price was also affordable at $129 for the breed only which is what we did. The health version is $199.
  • The test was more accurate than others with 200,000+ genetic markers and 20 trait tests.

Here are what others are saying about it.

Section 6 : Alternatives

  • Here are some alternatives to the Embark dog dna test kit that are also popular among dog owners.
    • Wisdom Panel Essential – Wisdom Panel has two main DNA tests: Wisdom Panel Essential and Wisdom Panel Premium.
      • Essential tests for more than 25 medical complications, 350+ breeds and more.
      • Premium tests for everything the Essential tests for in addition to 200+ health risks and carrier status.
  • ORIVET Dog Breed Identification DNA TestHomeDNA offers two dog DNA tests, one for mixed-breed identification and the other for health screening. To save on this we recommend picking one or going with Embark for the all-in-one test. If you only want health screening, HomeDNA’s Dog DNA Health Screen is a better value than Embark or Wisdom Panel. If you’re only looking for breed information, you should consider their Mixed-Breed Dog Identification DNA Test. Although pricier than DNA My Dog, it is far more accurate due to their huge database of recognized and developing breeds.
  • DNA My Dog – DNA My Dog breed identification test is not as good as the others mentioned. Although you get a report on your dog’s dominant breeds, personality traits and health concerns (based on breed only), DNA My Dog is mediocre compared to the breed and trait information you get with Embark, ORIVET, or Wisdom. DNA My Dog has far fewer breeds in its database, so it is less accurate than if you went with EmbarkWisdom Panel or HomeDNA’s Orivet tests. And many reviewers agree that their test lacks accuracy. But if you’re on a budget, DNA My Dog is the least expensive alternative.

Section 7 : Conclusion

If your looking for accuracy and information this is the test kit for you. It is a bit more expensive than other’s but has a far larger database. Not only that but the health panel and insights it can provide to taking better care of your dog are priceless and a great addition for your veterinarian. Pick up your Embark Breed + Health Kit, tests for over 350 breeds, types, and varieties and more than 190+ genetic health conditions.