Is that a walking four-legged teddy bear? No, that is a goldendoodle. Those sporting the best goldendoodle haircuts are every bit as adorable as any teddy bear available. There are not many dogs as cute as a doodle, but that look requires a lot of work in grooming. Grooming styles for doodles give you quite a few different options. If you have been swooning over goldendoodle grooming styles photos and wondering which cut would look best for your doodle, you have come to the right place.

The Teddy Bear Cut

The Teddy Bear Cut is also known as the goldendoodle Puppy Cut. It is considered the most popular and the most common haircut in the world of goldendoodle haircuts. This cut gives doodles between 1-to-2 inches in length all around. Your goldendoodle will look adorable with this easy-to-care-for puppy style cut. You can request your groomer to go with ¾ an inch if you would like an even shorter style.

The Teddy Bear Cut usually includes the hair around the ears to be trimmed short, a full-face trim, and trimming around the eyes. The tail is done in a non-feathered cut and the feet are round feet trimmed. This cut is perfect for a goldendoodle’s first grooming experience.

Features of the Teddy Bear Cut:

  • Most popular goldendoodle hairstyle
  • Easy to bathe your doodle
  • Short goldendoodle haircut – 1-to-2 inches in hair length
  • Helps prevent hair matting

The Lamb Cut

It started as a trend in poodle cuts. Eventually, the goldendoodles demanded a chance to show off this adorable and even adventurous grooming style known as The Lamb Cut.

Generally, you start with the Teddy Bear Cut at around 1 inch for the body, with the leg hair left at about 2 inches. Experiment by leaving hair on the legs and around their ears and tail longer or shorter. How much bounce do you like in your doodle’s step when running across your backyard? Since there are several variations of the goldendoodle Lamb Cut, you can try them all and pick your personal favorite.

Features of the Lamb Cut:

  • Variation of the Teddy Bear Cut and easy to maintain
  • Prevents matting of hair around the body
  • Exciting and bold looking hairstyle

The Mohawk Cut

If bold and adventurous styles in grooming are your thing, then the Mohawk Cut is for you. Peruse a few more goldendoodle grooming styles photos, and you will agree that this is one for the boldest personalities.

Two ways to do the Mohawk Cut include: One way is to do the Teddy Bear Cut around the body at 1-inch length and leave the hair longer on the top of the head and around the ears at 2-4 inches length. Another way to do the Mohawk Cut is to do the Teddy Bear Cut around the body but leave the hair longer from the top of the head and extend it down the back to the tail.

This cut falls under the DIY category, which makes it even more popular.

Features of the Mohawk Cut:

  • Fairly easy to maintain
  • Add color to the hair on top of the head or all down the back for extra boldness
  • Easy to do, making it one of the DIY’s of doodle grooming

The Poodle Cut

The Poodle Cut is hip among goldendoodles who have curly hair. A goldendoodle is half poodle, so naturally, they look great in this style.

The hair on the body is left short, while the hair on the head, ears, and tail are left longer. This cut requires some scissor work to achieve the rounded head and to trim the ears and tail. This cut is not as DIY friendly as other goldendoodle grooming styles and best left to a professional groomer.

Features of the Poodle Cut:

  • Chic goldendoodle grooming style
  • Grooming experience a plus with this cut
  • Gives a look of maturity and intelligence

The Kennel Cut:

The Kennel Cut is among the most sought-after goldendoodle cuts, though lacking some in style and personality. It is easy to clean, maintain, and will help keep your doodle cool in the hot seasons. Aside from completely shaving your doodle, it is the shortest cut for goldendoodles.

Features of the Kennel Cut:

  • Shortest goldendoodle haircut
  • Upkeep is more manageable with less brushing and ease of bathing
  • Financial benefit of less frequent visits to the groomer
  • Your doodle stays cool in the heat of summer

The Lion Cut

The goldendoodle’s Lion Cut is an adventurous, fun look that is great for switching things up. Achieving the style is simple and can be done at home. Shave down the body and legs to 0.25 inches and leave the feet, head, chest, and the tip of the tail a longer length. Maintenance is medium to heavy with this style. Daily brushing to prevent mats around the chest, head, feet, and tail is a must. The shorter hair of the body, however, requires considerably less brushing. A bonus with this style is that if you decide you do not like it, it is simple to change it to the goldendoodle’s Teddy Bear Cut.

Features of the Lion cut:

  • Short hair except around the mane, tail, and paws
  • Lots of brushing on the long-haired sections
  • You can do this cut at home
  • A stylish cut that brings big smiles wherever you go

There are quite a few goldendoodle grooming styles you can choose from for your beloved doodle. Experiment with different looks to discover your favorite style. Like our hair, your doodle’s hair will grow back if you pick a style and decide it is not the right look. You can also groom it into the goldendoodle’s Teddy Bear cut if you are seriously unhappy with the type of cut chosen.

Goldendoodles with longer hairstyles will need professional grooming approximately every 6 to 8 weeks. If you prefer the shorter cuts on your doodle, you can visit the groomer every 8 to 10 weeks.

The most crucial part of goldendoodle ownership and all involved with it is to enjoy your precious doodle, whatever hairstyle you choose. Have some fun and try all the different goldendoodle cuts you can find and remember to try a little color too.