The question of how fast do goldendoodles grow is on many new puppy owners minds. Predicting how big a puppy will be once full grown is not an exact science. With there being so many types and hybrids it is very difficult to determine. It does not have to be a complete mystery however.

How Big Will My Goldendoodle Puppy Get?

Most dog adoptions happen around 8 weeks. Looking at a litter of puppies at this stage will not help determine which puppy will be the biggest. In many cases though the smallest of the puppies will probably be smaller at adult hood than the rest.

There are some rough estimates for different Gooldendoodle types for size:

Type Of GoldendoodleAge RangeWeight
Mini Goldendoodle8 Weeks4 to 9 pounds
Standard Goldendoodle8 Weeks8 to 10 pounds

Some of the calculations breeders have used are to take your puppies weight at 8 weeks and multiple it by 4.3 to determine it’s weight as an adult. The first 6 months of a Goldendoodles life are when they grow the most. Many Mini Goldendoodles will hit half of their adult size in the first 4 months. While a Standard Goldendoodle usually takes 1-2 months longer to hit that halfway point. Mini Goldendoodles will level off around 7-10 months and Standard Goldendoodles will grow longer like most other dog breeds. Standard Goldendoodle adult size can be average by taking its weight at 4 months and multiplying it by 2 and adding between 5-10 pounds. Again this can vary depending on type of standard and is not accurate for smaller sized Goldendoodles. Here is a helpful chart for the 2x calculation at 4 months:

Goldendoodle Growth Curve Chart
Goldendoodle Growth Curve

With so many types you can end of with quite the range depending on the type and parents of the puppies in question. Goldendoodles across the board with all types range from 4 pounds to 90 pounds. Pure bred dogs complete their growth in about 12 to 15 months and are fully mature by 3 years. With the mixed breeds we see with Goldendoodles there is a lot of variation.

When Do Goldendoodles Stop Growing?

Most Goldendoodles stop growing between 1 and 2 years of age. Most will hit max height by year 1 and fill out after. Golden Retrievers grow at a slower rate than Poodles in terms of height but they fill out quicker. A Golden Retriever on average finishes filling out around 14 to 18 months of age while a Poodle can take up to 2 years. So with A Goldendoodle being a hybrid you can see how determining its growth rate and final size is hard to determine.

Caring For Older & Larger Goldendoodles

Larger dogs as they get older benefit greatly from quality orthopedic dog beds. A quality dog bed can relieve joint stress, aches and help provide good old quality sleep. This is especially critical if your dog develops any of these problems such as hip issues or other joint problems.