How to train a goldendoodle puppy is similiar to any other dog training. Goldendoodles are a smart and easy to train crossbreed of dogs. They are willing learners that are eager and full of energy. The breed responds well to positive reinforcement and gentleness. Using harsh, loud or training punishment will hinder your training as with most dog breeds. You will want to start socializing and training your Doodle while they are still a puppy and continue as they grow, it is an ongoing task. If you put in the time the breed makes for well trained and social friendly companions. A great book companion for training from puppyhood and beyond is Cesar Millan’s book.

Start Your Training With the Following Items During the 7-12 Week Range

  • Slowly introduce your puppy to new things, environments and people.
  • Use positive reinforcement, providing treats and toys.
  • Avoid fearful situations.
  • Take things slowly and let your puppy adjust at their own pace.
  • Avoid pushing your puppy and being forceful and do not let others do so.
  • Be secure and comforting with your demeanor. Gentle.
  • Show your puppy you are there to protect and lead them during this period.

The 7-12 week range of puppy life will have a lasting impact and be a period of rapid learning so take advantage. It is critical your dog get lots of socializing in during this time period. Provide lots of positive experiences and introduce them to new things as this will be the groundwork for a well adjusted Doodle. During this period they will still have very short attention spans but things they learn will be permanent and they will be very resistant to change in regards to those learned habits.

Your puppy will be very eager to learn and do not think they need to learn everything during this period, they will learn things later through adulthood. This time you will really start seeing your Goldendoodle’s temperament and personality start coming out. It is very important you use positive reinforcement and gentleness during this period as any traumatic, painful or frightening events will have a lasting impact and not be forgotten.

Training for the 12-32 Week Range

During the 12-32 week range you’re Goldendoodle puppy will become more independent and will begin roaming off. Some of the basic commands will probably be ignored as they begin to explore. It is critical how you handle their refusal to commands during this time as it will have an impact of their reliability when they are not on the leash. Do not underestimate their cleverness in getting around restrictions to run around loose.

Here are some tips for the 12-32 week range

  • Keep the leash on 100% of the time that you do not have them in a confined area.
  • Do not allow them loose in unconfined areas which reinforces our first point.
  • Only if your Doodle is very well trained should they be allowed off leash in an unconfined area.
  • This period is good for puppy training classes that use positive reinforcement methods.
  • Never stop training with the “come” command. It will be critical to maintain a focus on this command.
  • The “come”command should be a positive experience so think treats at this point.

If your looking for more resources we highly recommend Cesar Millan’s book “How To Raise The Perfect Dog“.