What Is A F2B Goldendoodle?

The F2B Goldendoodle is a cross between two F1B Goldendoodles (75% Poodle and 25% Golden Retriever) or an F1B Goldendoodle with an F1 Goldendoodle (63% Poodle and 37% Golden Retriever). 

What is the difference between an F2 and F2B Goldendoodle?

F2 is the second generation of Goldendoodles. They are like their F1 parents which are half Poodle and half Golden Retriever except they are bred by hybrids instead of purebreds. 

F2B Goldendoodle Characteristics

The F2B Goldendoodle inherits traits and genetic make-up from it’s parents. The Golden Retriever and Poodle mix leads to less shedding coat characteristics and helps with being allergy-friendly. Families with allergies should consider this breed over others due to these coat characteristics.

This breed of Goldendoodles are highly intelligent and often seen trained as service pets and therapy dogs for those with disabilities since they are very obedient and have high aptitude.

Physical Appearance

The breeding result of the F2B breed is a lively dog that looks much like a Golden Retriever. They have a wide range of colors and coat patterns.            


The coats can have various patterns based on the genes that are expressed. A variety of solid colors can occur also. The coats will range from curly to wavy to flat.

The coats will change from infancy to maturity in type and color.

Are F2b Goldendoodles Hypoallergenic?

Goldendoodles are not hypoallergenic but their coats make it so they do not shed skin like most dogs which is the usual cause of allergies which is why people label them as hypoallergenic even though that is not a true thing. You can learn more about this is our article on Are Goldendoodles Hypoallergenic.


F2B coats come in varying colors, with the most common colors being cream, red, black, gold, apricot, brown, or a combination of colors.(1) Their puppy color will change as they grow. They will likely turn out closer to the coloring of one of their parents. Here is an explainer video on the colors.

Why Did My Goldendoodle Change Color? by The Neu Adventure

Do F2B Goldendoodles Shed A Lot?

The F2B breed is the least shedding breed among the second-generation Goldendoodles. This is tied to the higher genetic presence of the Poodle which are less shedding dogs. You should still have a regular grooming routine to assist with shedding.

Why Is My F2B Goldendoodle Shedding?

This is usually the result of one of various health issues. It can be nutritional deficiencies or parasites. Some will react to the grooming products you choose also. You should consult with your breeder and veterinarian if this occurs.

F2B Goldendoodles Size

F2B dogs come in three sizes, small, medium, standard(2). Below you can see size ranges for an f2b Goldendoodle full grown:

F2B Goldendoodle SizeF2B Goldendoodle WeightF2B Goldendoodle Height
Small15-35 lbsUp to 20 inches
Medium35-50 lbs17-20 inches
Standard50-80 lbs20-24 inches

F2B Goldendoodle Temperament and Personality

Goldendoodles have a gentle demeanor which makes them great for apartment living. They love playing with children and other pets so make great pets for families with kids of all ages. Keep in mind they can be very protective of their family if they feel it necessary.

Do F2B Goldendoodles Bark A Lot?

They don’t bark much or make a lot of noise, but they do get bored pretty quickly. 

Are F2B Goldendoodles Destructive?

They get bored easily and are very energetic so they can in a way get destructive like any dog if left to their own devices. However, they are easy to train which can prevent this easily.

Are F2B Goldendoodles Easy To Train?

As mentioned above Goldendoodles are very easy to train. You can teach them simple tricks pretty easily such as shake, rollover, site, etc.

Goldendoodle puppies are usually very intelligent and pick up commands quickly. Some training tips:

  • Divide training sessions into short but frequent sessions.
  • Introduce new tricks in a room free from any distraction.
  • Be patient. Just like us, puppies do take different times to learn. Give your pup time.
  • Ensure a positive conclusion by ending with something your pup is familiar with.

Do F2B Goldendoodles get along with other pets?

F2b Goldendoodles get along with other dogs and cats. They are rarely aggressive but can be protective of their family which is why lots of social interaction is necessary when they are young. A good breeder will provide some social interaction as puppies to other animals and people. Goldendoodles tend to get along well with other animals.

What is the lifespan of a F2B Goldendoodle?

F2b Goldendoodles live 10 to 15 years. This is shorter than the maximum age of poodles, and longer than the Golden Retrievers. Since they are hybrid dogs they live longer than pure-bred puppies. The family breeds are also hybrids with longer life expectancy. Certain care methods can extend this closer to the 15-16 year range. Things like raw diet and alternatives to certain regular medications can help in extending your Goldendoodle’s lifespan. A quality breeder will have guidance on care.

Buying Or Adopting An F2B Goldendoodle

Goldendoodles come in a variety of sizes and colors and from different breeder requirements. Some have strict policies and breeding standards while others do not.

F2b Goldendoodle Puppy

Adoption Process

The adoption process will vary greatly from breeder to breeder. Some are just out to make money and there is no real process. Others you will have to go through an interview process and sign adoption agreement contracts to make sure the puppy is going to a good home. Breeders that require more effort to adopt usually take better care of their animals.

Goldendoodle Breeders

You can find a full directory of Goldendoodle breeders here.

How Much Does A F2B Goldendoodle Cost?

Goldendoodle Cost Between $500 and $5,000

An F2B costs between $500-$5000.

Similar to the adoption process this can vary greatly. We have seen as low as $500 and as high as $5000 from very reputable breeders who offer upwards of 10 year health guarantees if you follow their care guidelines which encompass a wide variety of things such as diet and vaccines.

Some example F2B Goldendoodle price follows:

F2B Mini Goldendoodles $3,500

F2B Standard $2,800

F2B Medium $3,200

Waiting list $250-500

F2B Goldendoodle Health Issues

The F2B Goldendoodle does not have many health issues because the mixed breed. It is more common when your breeding dogs with health issues back together where the next generation has the same issues. While they do not have common health issues tied to their genetics they are dogs and dogs in general have some health issues that can arise. See the following list:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Sebaceous Adenitis
  • Cataracts
  • Addison’s Disease
  • Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis
  • Atopic Dermatitis
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Epilepsy
  • Patellar Luxation


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